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What is Spelling to Communicate (S2C)?

Spelling to Communicate is used as an alternative means of communication (AAC) for individuals with Autism and other motor challenges. All forms of communication require motor. This method takes the fine motor out of speech and brings it to gross motor by teaching purposeful motor skills necessary to point to letters to spell. As motor skills improve through consistent practice, students progress from pointing to letters on letter boards to spell to typing on a keyboard. Communication moves from concrete to abstract as motor skills progress. 

Our Services

S2C is appropriate for anyone age 5 or older who is nonspeaking, minimally speaking or unreliably speaking. There is no age limit for when a student can begin S2C. We take a holistic approach and find individualized ways to meet your child's needs.


Initial Consultation

During a 1 hour initial consultation, we will introduce your child to using the letterboards, finding which set of boards is most suitable for your child, and assessing their sensory motor profile to best support their learning style and unique needs.  We will then create a plan for ongoing services as your child embarks on their journey to robust communication. This appointment is designed to be the first step leading to regular appointments.


S2C Regular Sessions

One-on-one 50-minute sessions where we work with your nonspeaker to communicate through spelling by building purposeful motor skills and engaging with age appropriate materials. These sessions will be goal oriented and each session will build upon the previous one.


Communication Regulation Partner (CRP) Training

Parents, caregivers, aides, and friends: learn how to communicate with your nonspeaker. (If you are a school district and want to train a 1:1 for your student, reach out to us directly at

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